Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why is it that when life throws us off, we seek outside ourselves to find balance?

We try to find answers by staring at personified objects

We march behind enchanting tunes of these pied pipers

Whom, if you ask me,  are just a bunch of wise crooks

Preying on sleeping minds whose ignorance have driven them to the other side

To the point of no return as they have forgotten the essence

Of what it really means to be spiritual

Oh here we go

You got your backs up, nostrils flared, ready to have a verbal combat

Your defense is that religion is a touchy subject

That I should know where my place is and to choose where I belong


I don't recall mentioning religion

And do you know where your place is?

Do you know where you belong?

Or did someone put you where you are?

An Original by Kefalenia Marban
July 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lost loveless faces
Walking while asleep
Closed eyes, closed hearts
Carelessly existing to feed the beast
Minds easily tickled by the latest technology
Passion stimulated by currency
Lives sustained by greed
Souls plagued by moral infection
Selfish goals concerning only status and position
Tainted compassion
Thinking sins can be erased by a simple donation
To the poor, the helpless, the needy
Claiming the title of a saint
For showing a little pity
Thirsts quenched from the well of corruption
The blind leading the blind
In a world contaminated by deception and lies
Sacrificing the lives of your brethren
Stepping on others to get closer to your polluted heaven
Lost loveless faces
Wake up
You’ve been sleeping
Listen to your hearts weeping
These social standards are merely an illusion
Psychological poison that leads to self-destruction
Lost loveless faces
Wake up
From your intellectual hallucination
Spiritual perversion
The laws of man are nothing but antiquated theories and concepts
By the corrupt
Their souls they sold
For envy and greed to control
Glamorizing reality
Distorting the truth
Falsely calling it human evolution
Not realizing that
The evolution of man is the reduction of man
Unconscious robots
Materialistic gluttons
Your accumulation in excess won’t save you
Your social standing won’t help you
Contentment and relief already exists inside of you
Love and happiness already lives inside of you
Shed all your sybaritic excesses
And you will find what you’ve been blindly seeking underneath.

Written by Kefalenia Marban
November 2009
With all the things that you have been through, remember your strength. You are still here.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Intuitiveness is not an esoteric trait, but exists inside all of us. It is a divine instrument that connects our cosmic bodies to nature.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

My mind and heart are at war
Battling over which reigns
The dialectics of my soul
Deliberate provocation with
Innocent intentions
True meaning lost and forgotten
Concealed by confusion and
Replaced by false motivations
Chronic internal dialogue
Restless debates of the inhuman
Psychic collective
This is their argument:
The ease of remaining in captivity
And conforming to uniformity
The hardship of keeping individuality
And rebelling against uniformity
My mind and heart are at war
Reasons too complicated to decipher
I am tired but I remain
In the middle of this battle
For I have yet to reach my heaven
Peace of mind
That is my heaven.

Written by Kefalenia Marban
January 3, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There is no compassion without love. They are not separate. One would not exist without the other for love is the root of all things good and beautiful in this world.

Conformity is a denial of freedom. Conformity brings out fear.